Info on Training
'A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up.'

It's important to remember that you are only ever limited by your own self belief. Anybody can achieve something if they put enough determination and effort in.
Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee, have accomplished amazing things with their self-belief, and so can you, as long as you give it 110%!
The classes we run have a high CV workout level. If you go to an exercise class you should come out feeling tired and feel that you’ve worked your body hard. You will never be pushed beyond your own abilities in our classes, but equally we will always encourage you to progress and exceed your potential.
Line Work
In line work you are given the opportunity to practise each technique whilst moving forward with one stance step. This will help you get an understanding of your position and how your body should move with each technique. You must remember to keep good balance and focus on an imaginary target.
                             Taunton line work  Line Work
Pad Work
Pad work is a great way to practise your skills and let off some steam! It is an effective way to build your strength and encourage weight loss through fast-paced drills. For many this is the most rewarding and fun part of the class as you can quickly see your techniques progress and see your power enhance. We practise syllabus techniques against stationary paddles, hand, and kick pads and then introduce moving targets to develop your self-defence and sparring skills.
                                  pad work
   pad work 2                                                  pad work 3               
The breaker board is to demonstrate technique, accuracy and power. You can learn any technique in line work or against a pad but the best way to show that you can use it effectively is to break with it (in sparring you use the same techniques but with more control not power). We use plastic boards with a special jigsaw cut through so they can be reused. There are three different grades of board, white (beginner), red (intermediate), and black (expert).
Bag Work
Bag work is where you can practice most techniques with full power, this is done safely because there is no one behind the force of your strike. You can train your accuracy easily, especially with the harder jump spinning techniques. It is also great for working on combinations and movement around targets.
  bag work  
Sparring is the best way to combine all your skills and techniques, and practise in a realistic fighting scenario. We use a lot of control and restraint during sparring, which many students find the most enjoyable part of their training. When in line work or with pads we have stationary targets, but with sparring you have targets that can be moving or guarded. Your aim is to manipulate the fighter to open them up using feinting techniques. All this as well as guarding yourself from attack. From here you can go in to semi-contact sparring tournaments or full contact fight nights if you want. This is often many student's ultimate goal, with the exception to achieving their Black Belt.