Black Belt Hall of Fame
Over the years I have trained a lot of people. only a few manage to get to black belt level. I am very proud of them so below is a list of the students I'm most proud of reaching this achievement.
Each adult going for there black belt is given a written exam. The first Dan question that I gave them is ‘Why do I deserve to be a Black Belt?’ which was put to me on my first Black Belt Grading. The essay’s are quite personal and a lot of thought has gone into them so with their permission I want to share them with you. Enjoy and I hope that it also gives you some inspiration in your own training.
John Smith Jonathan Boothe Catriona Gullick Sam Barton
John Smith (1st Dan) 20/05/07 Jonathan Boothe (1st Dan) 21/03/09 Catriona Gullick (1st Dan) 02/09/10 Sam Barton (1st Dan) 05/12/10
James Euan Tyler Alex
James (Junior Black) 30/01/11 Euan  (Junior Black) 30/01/11 Tyler  (Junior Black) 30/01/11 Alex  (Junior Black) 10/07/11
Maya Nick Richards Robert Payne Richard Perham 
Maya  (Junior Black) 10/07/11 Nick Richards (1st Dan) 14/08/11 Robert Payne (1st Dan) 21/08/11 Richard Perham (1st Dan) 02/10/11
  Essay Essay
Helen Cordes Richard Prosser Reece  
Helen Cordes (1st Dan) 16/10/11 Richard Posser (1st Dan) 23/10/11 Reece  (Junior Black) 22/04/12 Harriet Ainley (1st Dan) 14/10/12
Essay Essay Essay  
  Sov  Jared   
Phoebe  (Junior Black) 23/12/12  Sov Atkinson (1st Dan) 05/05/13 Jared  (Junior Black) 18/08/13   


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