Grading Awards
This award has been given to the students that have put in extra effort and have stood out above all other students grading at that time. This doesn't mean they received the highest score, 'A' grades are given to these students, but someone that stood out from the rest.
April 2012
Olivia (Bridgwater) William (Bridgwater)
Adult Class Award Junior Class Award
June 2012
Dave (Taunton) Michaela (Bridgwater)
Adult Class Award Junior Class Award
September 2012
Sarah (Bridgwater) Dexter (Taunton)
Adult Award Junior Award
December 2012
Chris (Taunton) Tyler (Taunton)
Adult Award Junior Award


This page is in the process of being updated, please come back soon to see our most recent Grading Award students!!


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