Joining and Training Costs

Below is a guide for the total costs of training with Mark Pengelly’s Schools of Kickboxing. The matt fees are not set to any one venue, so if you pay for two classes a week, you don't just have to stay at one venue, you can train at Bridgwater or Taunton on any training night. This gives you more options to train within the same group using the same syllabus but when its convenient to you. There are also concessions available to those who travel a great distance or are on certain benefits but this would need to be discussed in class. We also offer family discounts for families. The only cost that isn’t shown here is sparring equipment which I can give you details about in class and can be found with the welcome pack. Sparring equipment isn't needed for the first few months of training so you can try it out before committing. If you have any questions please contact me here.

Joining Fee Pay As You Go
If you decide to stay on after your free month's trial then a joining fee is payable. This fee includes your entire second month's unlimited training fees and your annual licence. You  then also receive your free kit consisting an embroidered & printed t-shirt, trousers, belt, and a set of hand wraps. Below are the matt fees iff you are unsure you want to commit to a monthly fee and just want to pay as you go. You will still need to pay the joining fee but can then PAYG as you please.
Junior: £50 Junior Class: £7.50 Per Lesson
Adult: £55 Adult: £8.50 Per Lesson
Pay Per Month 1 or 2 Classes a Week Pay Per Month Unlimited Training
Monthly matt fees are due at the beginning of every calendar month and can be paid by cash or standing order. Account details to set up standing orders will be given with the fees information sheet that you will receive in your welcome pack. These prices are open for you to train at any of our venues, you are not restricted to one, so you have the freedom to fit classes around your work and lifestyle. There are currently four nights a week training available (more classes to be introduced for 2018), so if you want to do more than 2 lessons a week we offer an 'unlimited fee' so you can train as often as you like. Some take advantage of this to access additional training and train at both the venues to fit in with their work and social life.
Junior Class: 1 Class a Week £25 Per Month (£6 Per Class) Junior Class: 3 Classes a Week £50 (£4 Per Class)
4 Classes a Week (£3 Per Class)
2 Classes a Week £35 Per Month (£4.20 Per Class)
Adult Class: 1 Class a Week £30 Per Month (£7.20 Per Class) Adult Class: 3 Classes a Week £60 (£4.80 Per Class)
4 Classes a Week (£3.60 Per Class)
2 Classes a Week £45 Per Month (£5.40 Per Class)
If you pay per month but want to do the occasional additional class then each extra class will cost just £5 which is paid on the day. This works well for people who want to train for 1 or 2 lessons a week and add an extra class every so often but are unsure which night they can make.
Licence Fee Grading Fee
Every martial arts student across the UK must be insured. For this there is an annual licence fee which is included in your joining fee but will need renewing annually. We are insured and licenced through the highly experienced organisation of  IMASA. You are responsible for your grading book, when you receive it, as it includes your licence and must be bought to every grading for updating. Grading's are held every 3 months. They're not compulsory and can be taken whenever you feel ready, or not at all. The grading fee covers your new belt, certificate and admin costs. This is the same price throughout your colour belt gradings and is paid on the day of the grading. Next grading dates can be found on the home page.
Junior: £10 Per Year
Colour Belt Gradings:
£10 Per Grading
Adult: £15 Per Year
 Advanced Belt Gradings:
£20 Per Grading