How do you tie your belt?
The following pictures and text will describe how you tie your belt in kickboxing.
Firstly, place the belt around your back with one short end and one long end in your hands (Figure 1A). Hold the short end against your body hanging down and wrap the long end over the top and around the short end so it holds it against your body (Figure 1B).
As the longer end comes back around your body, passing across the short end hanging down, then thread the longer end underneath the whole belt (Figure 2A). You should then have one length end at the top and another length end underneath the main belt wrap. If done correctly when each end is held flat it will form a diagonal line (Figure 2B).
Take each end and see if they are the same length (Figure 3). If not, then move the knot along to make the ends roughly the same.
Take the length at the bottom pointing down and make a loop, then drop the upper end over it, so that it hangs down outside the loop (Figure 4A). Put your hand through the loop to grab the belt end which is hanging down and pull it back up through the loop (Figure 4B).
Take each end in each hand and pull tight in a horizontal motion (Figure 5A) not in a vertical (Figure 5B). New belts will take time to wear in.
If done correctly it should have a triangle shaped knot (Figure 6A). When finished, pull the knot around to the right hip (Figure 6B).