Grading Lesson Tracker: Updated 14/09/2015
The grading tracker is to give students an idea of how many lessons they have attended since their last grading. There is a minimum amount of lessons every student must complete to be eligable to grade but if you have attended enough classes doesn't automatically mean you can grade if your instructor feels you're not ready.
JUNIOR 3-6 Months JUNIOR 6-12 Months ADULT 3-6 Months ADULT 6-12 Months

Belts and Grades
You will find a brief description of the belt level, a list of the new moves
and some information on each technique.
(only some belts are added at this time, please check back if yours isn't ready)

Junior Grading Belt System
Adult Grading Belt System
How to tie your belt! (click on the picture)
How to tie your belt.