Mark Pengelly Senior Instructor 5th Dan


Mark Pengelly

Mark has been training in martial arts for over 25 years, since his first class in 1991. His initial martial arts training achieved him his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1996; shortly afterwards he transitioned to Kickboxing and now holds the title of 5th degree. He has been teaching children and adults for over 20 years and has built up a vast framework of teaching methods from which he works. In 2002 he decided to start up his own clubs to share his wealth of experience in technical understanding, application and inspiration. In the summer of 2017 the club's celebrated their 15th Birthday in supporting the local community with martial arts and self-defence.

Mark holds certificates and diplomas in coaching, refereeing, competition judging, child protection awareness emergency first aid and data protection. He is DBS checked and licenced & affiliated with IMASA. He is also a local firefighter OIC and calls upon his work-based training to maintain a high level of health and safety in his classes. He has built up his kickboxing syllabus over many years and boasts an extensively thought out curriculum.

He has trained fighters to European Championship levels and organises semi-contact competition events. He has a passion for helping children overcome bullying difficulties at school and prides his clubs on making training good fun. He is dedicated to seeing his students progress and takes joy in investing his time and energy into helping others.



Catriona Gullick aka ‘Bob’

Cat started at the club as a student in 2004 and quickly settled into regular training and working her way through the ranks. She originally started the sport as a way to get fitter but found that there are many more benefits to it than first meet the eye. After spending time away at university Cat returned to regain the strength and stamina needed to attain her much deserved Black Belt in 2010.

Cat has outstanding teaching skills and has a natural ability to engage both children & adults and make them feel at ease, whilst imparting knowledge and helping others make the best of their potential.



Cat 'BOB' Gullick Instructor 1st Dan
James Hubbard Instructor 1st Dan


James Hubbard

After being diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 9, James decided to take up kickboxing in the juniors class - much to his mum’s dismay! Some days were hard yet he carried on despite his health battles and never could have predicted the huge impact kickboxing would have to his life. In 2011 James achieved his Junior Black Belt and moved on to become a student in the adults class. Continued dedication led James to achieve his adult Black Belt in June 2015 and he is now well on target in aiming for the grade of second dan.


Despite moving away to Exeter, James still travels to the class to teach on a weekly basis as he loves the tight-knit ‘family’ of students in the club. He also enjoys training in the knowledge that he can work at his own pace due to the vast class diversity. With support and mentoring from Mark, James is considering starting up his own club in the future.



Jon Shapter

Jon started kickboxing classes when he became bored of the gym in 2012. Needing an expression of energy he loved the release that he got from sparring and the hard CV workouts in the class. Jon particularly enjoys the sparring aspect and has taken on semi and full-contact competition work whenever possible to learn more about his skills as a fighter and develop his technique.

He swiftly rose to Black Belt status in 2016 and continues to maintain his passion in furthering himself at each and every session. An inspiration to others, Jon has built up confidence in his teaching methods over the years and you can guarantee it’s going to be a good, hard workout when Jon’s in charge!


Jon Shapter Instructor 1st Dan
Bryony Pengelly Admin

Bryony Pengelly

Bryony holds a BTEC level 3 in Self-Defence Instruction. She is a trained member with the National Federation of Personal Safety and has a passion for helping women find confidence and empowerment through self-defence.

Becoming part of the family business has been an adventure to Bryony as, like many people, fitness and fighting did not come naturally! She started out in the club as the book-keeper and administrator, and now deals with all enquiries, advertising, correspondance, licences and general management of the business. She is also trained in child protection and is the club's Safeguarding Officer. Bryony works as an Assistant Instructor in the juniors & adults classes and also teaches the beginners-only classes.

Alongside this, Bryony is a club student. After taking a break to raise the Pengelly children she returned to the classroom in 2015 to step up her training. She is currently at the rank of brown belt black stripe and has tackled her lethargy towards fitness in the past to discover the buzz of becoming addicted to exercise!

Assistant Instructors


We’d also like to acknowledge and give thanks to our many junior and senior Assistant Instructors who give up their valuable time to help out in the class and support other student’s learning experience. Massive thanks, as always, to Dave, Claire, Sarah, Ben and Esther.


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