Red Belt: Basic Colour Belt

What you learn for your first basic grade is very simple but it is the most common techniques used in the ring so the earlier we learn these the better we will be at them.

 You will learn the basic exercises that will follow on in the rest of your grading’s but getting harder as you progress. If you try hard from the start you will find the later exercises easier.

 The first grading is completely non contact! This is so you have a chance to familiarise yourself with the way the grading’s are set up without the worry of hitting other students or getting hit.

 There is no set time limit to when you can take the first grade, it needs to be agreed between yourself and the instructor if you are ready.

Red Belt Techniques

Rising Kick:

Your first balance technique is a simple stretch. Make sure you point your toes in the air and keep your knee straight whilst swinging the leg up, if done correctly you should feel a pull on the back of your leg.  

Half Guard Fighting Stance:

This is your basic stance. You should get used to standing in a comfortable position with your body half facing to cut down your target area. Your front foot should point towards your target and rear foot 90 degrees to that to give you stability. Hands should be high to protect your head whilst keeping your elbows in to cover as much of your mid sections as you can.


Jab Punch:

The quickest attack technique that isn't that powerful. It can be used for defensive work and distance judging as well as attack. You should try and aim to keep a straight line between your fist, elbow, front shoulder and rear shoulder to put maximum body power in the strike.


Cross Punch:

A much more powerful strike than a jab as it comes from a greater distance but is easier to see coming. Still try to put your shoulder through to add as much body power as possible.


Front Kick or Front pushing Kick:

This kick is used to attack in a straight line to your target. You lift the front knee up pointing towards the target and flick the lower leg out remembering to pull back your toes and kick with the ball of the foot, this kick comes up at a 45 degree angle. The pushing kick is used as a defence move to push your opponent away so the foot must travel in a straight line towards your target.


Low Turning kick:

A turning kick is most used kick in Kick Boxing. It is important to get the hip position correct to use this kick safely whilst putting body power into it. You kick with the instep (top of the foot) turning your body with a bent leg and flicking it towards the target similar to the front kick.


Lay Back:

Your first defence move is an evasion. When a punch comes straight towards you, so you don't loose ground you bend back away from the punch to avoid the strike. 


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